How to Survive the Family Road Trip

The school year is coming to an end, and it will soon be time for the Family Summer Vacation!  Time to pack the kids (and the spouse) in the car and head out into the world.  The road may be long, but it is no match for the well-oiled travel machine that is your family: songs will be sung, books-on-tape will be discussed, and your youngest little one will sleep like an angel the entire time.  The kids will learn about new places, and you parents will get that needed dose of relaxation.  Your trip will be the envy of parents everywhere.

Sure, it's never actually happened like that. But this time it will be different.  This time you will be prepared!

Crayola MyPhones - Kids will do a lot better in the backseat when they are entertained, so why not let them listen to their music and movies with these durable headphones made for kids.  A built-in volume limiter protects their ears, and the included stickers and markers allow them to personalize to their heart's content.  If you have multiple little ones, don't forget to bring a headphone splitter... sharing a single pair of headphones often leads to fighting over a single pair of headphones.


RAVPower Xtreme 23000mAh Power Bank – Since your family is so high-tech, you’ll be needing some extra power to keep things running smoothly.  Go Xtreme with this large backup battery, which allows you to charge multiple devices at once (or a single device like an iPhone up to 12 times).  No longer fear the words “my phone is dying!” which is almost always followed by “are we there yet?”  Drive with the knowledge that your family will stay well charged!


VTech Kidizoom Spin & Smile – Your kids will see you taking lots of pictures on vacation, and obviously, they want to be just like you!  They’ll probably ask if they can use your camera.  Your very expensive camera.  Don’t worry, the folks at VTech have you covered.  While the Kidizoom camera is made just for kids, it still has a 4x digital zoom, built in flash, color screen, built-in and expandable memory… certainly enough to keep them busy!  Plus, it might be interesting to see your vacation through your kids’ eyes for a change!



weBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Booster – The biggest battery in the world may not help you if you can’t get a cell signal!  If your route will take you down some old country roads or into some less populated areas, your connected devices may need an extra boost to keep a signal.  The 4G-X will give you that boost (at the hefty price of $500).  The extended cellular signal range means a more reliable and consistent cellular connection as well as faster data downloads. 




J-Pillow – Trouble sleeping on the road?  Sounds like you’ve never tried the J-Pillow, the best-selling travel pillow on, and winner of the British invention of the year in 2013!  It’s the only pillow that keeps your neck fully supported with the ‘J’ curl under your chin, which prevents the dreaded head-nod.  Or, let your kids use it in the back: this pillow can handle any sleeping position your imaginative children can throw at it!  Remember, the more you can get all your kids to sleep during those long hauls, the more you win.




Spontaneous Pop-Up Display – When can you use a portable device that pops open to a 24-inch TV screen?  In the car?  Yes.  In the hotel room?  Yep.  Out on the patio?  Of course.  You can’t really go wrong when you have a 24-inch screen wherever you need it!