Which Video App is Right for You?

Everyone needs a great video player app.  This will be especially true for you when you get your hands on a SPUD and have a big screen anywhere you want!   This week we decided to take a look at the best apps out there to give you a summary of your options.  We’ve focused on apps that play all the major video file formats, and have not included the major streaming services like YouTube and Netflix (you should have those already anyway!)  The chart below gives a high level comparison of the major strengths of different video apps available today:

Kids Lock Swipe Gesture Support Multi-core Decoding HW Acceleration Network Streaming Floating Window Support Android iOS Open Source Ad Free Google Play Rating # Reviewers (as of 6/27)
Archos Video Player x x x 4.0 11,601
BSPlayer x x x x x x 4.4 123,428
GPlayer x x x x x 4.3 33,652
KMPlayer x x x x x 4.2 220,054
Kodi x x x x x x 4.5 100,659
MoboPlayer x x x x 4.2 7,667
MX Player x x x x x x 4.4 3,589,420
VLC Player x x x x x x x x 4.4 450,949

Archos Video Player – With some advanced features like network playback support and subtitle downloader, Archos Video Player is a solid video option.  However, it really shines because of its impressive library view and automatic retrieval of series or movie details and artwork.  If you’re looking for a great way to browses through your collection, Archos Video Player is worth a try.

BSPlayer – This app stands out with a variety of skins you can use to really customize the look of your app.  Gesture support and its “pop out” viewer give the user some advanced options within a very simple user interface.

Gplayer – Gplayer has become known as one of the first players to support playing multiple windows in windowed mode, which means users can view multiple windows simultaneously.  Another lesser known feature is the groups sharing capability, which enables media file sharing over Wi-Fi directly through the app itself.  If you’re always sharing media files with your friends, take a look at GPlayer.

KMPlayer – As very popular video player, the KMPlayer has lots of fans out there already.  Other than being a solid video player, KMPlayer gets additional points for its built-in cloud support: you can natively view content stored in Google Drive.

Kodi – One of two open source players on this list, Kodi is a feature-packed portable media hub (formerly known as XBMC, for you XBOX fans out there).  While it might be a big intimidating to set up, it has tons of features and a rich developer and user community to back it up.  If you don’t mind getting a bit technical, Kodi might be just what you’re looking for.

MoboPlayer – MoboPlayer, while it’s a relatively small competitor, claims its spot on this list because of its extensive support of video file formats.  It handles those less popular ones that not all players support through software decoding.  If you’re looking for a player that can play that one mystery file, give MoboPlayer a try.

MX Player – It would be tough to find a list on the internet that DOESN’T mention MX Player as one of the best video apps available.  It is a reliable player that is extremely stable, full of great features and file format support.  If you trust the internet mob (and we usually do), you can’t go wrong with MX Player.

VLC – Finally, there’s VLC player.  This open source player made a name for itself as a media player on PCs, and it has now moved into the mobile space.  While some folks out there claim that this player is still a bit buggy, it can play virtually any video format out there right “out of the box.”  It has some great features and a strong support community.  If you want to impress your computer-savvy friends, and you can deal with a bug here and there, go with VLC.